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💸 Course Creators Weekly #72 🗓 November 8th, 2021 - Earning $40k Per Month as a Creator

Jay Clouse and Marie Poulin talk about generousity, experiments, fun, consistency, and a whole lot more. Andrew Barry talks about activating prior knowledge in students, and Louis Grenier talks with Hiten Shah about choosing the right value proposition.

Marie Poulin [Inconsistency] – Earning $40,000 per month as a course creator | Creative Elements #78 Marie Poulin [Inconsistency] – Earning $40,000 per month as a course creator | Creative Elements #78
🎙 Podcast 🥗 Mixed Salad

Marie Poulin [Inconsistency] – Earning $40,000 per month as a course creator | Creative Elements #78

In Jay Clouse's own words, Marie Poulin is badass. I have to agree. She's incredible.

In this episode of the Creative Elements podcast, Marie talks about her early days as a designer, what drives her to share so generously, and how following her curiosity led her to becoming known as the "Notion Queen."

Here are some of my biggest takeaways:

  • 🧬
    Show more of who you are and your personal values—people buy from people
  • 🤙
    Offer 1:1 consulting + group coaching in the early days—it's how you find initial insights
  • ⚙
    Teach systems and workflows, not just the tools
  • 👾
    Follow your interests and curiosity—make sure you're having fun by designing for it
  • 🧪
    Treat opportunities as experiments and chapters in you journey—nothing's permanent
  • 🔁
    Be consistent in serving your audience (doesn't have to mean publishing on a cadence)
  • 🗑
    As you experiment, be willing to let go of what's not working

I highly recommend listening to the full episode to learn about Marie's journey to becoming a full-time course creator! 👇🏻

🔗 Jay Clouse + Marie Poulin via creativeelements.fm

🎰 Random Picks from past editions

Activating Prior Knowledge Activating Prior Knowledge
📹 Video 🧩 Structure & Design

Activating Prior Knowledge

  • 💡
    Understand Advance organisers, which help us make sense of and organise knowledge
  • 🎭
    Use relatable stories, or, if introducing entirely new concepts, explain how they relate
  • 🌱
    Start by presenting general ideas, from first principles, and gradually add complexity

4 techniques to activate prior knowledge:

  • 🔮
    Ask students to predict what you'll be teaching + justify their thinking
  • 🧠
    Ask questions to test your students' intuitive knowledge about unfamiliar concepts
  • ⚖️
    Ask students to compare the new ideas that you present, with what they already know
  • 🤨
    Ask 'why' questions before introducing new material—prime them for new knowledge

Final takeaways:

  • ⭐️
    Direct your students' attention to the most important ideas they must take away
  • 💠
    Highlight relationships between concepts to help students connect the dots
  • ⚓️
    Remind students of the existing knowledge they can use to grasp new ideas
🔗 Andrew Barry via youtube.com
Hiten Shah on Choosing the Right Value Proposition Hiten Shah on Choosing the Right Value Proposition
🎙 Podcast 💰 Sales & Marketing

Hiten Shah on Choosing the Right Value Proposition

Louis Grenier and Hiten Shah talk about choosing the right value proposition:

  • 🎁
    Think of value as what the customer is getting, not what you're offering
  • 💾
    Avoid using buzzwords or analogies that may not make sense to everyone
  • 5️⃣
    Test your ideas to make sure people can understand them in 5 second or less
  • 💬
    If you already have customers, use their own words to craft your messaging
  • 👌
    Use a single value prop to bring people in, deliver it, then let them discover the rest
🔗 Louis Grenier + Hiten Shah via everyonehatesmarketers.com

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