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📢 Course Creators Weekly #66 🗓 September 27th, 2021 - Actionable Marketing for Your Course

Drew Breaux writes about marketing, David Perell, Tiago Forte, and Will Mannon talk about cohort-based courses, and Andrew Barry talks about learner motivations.

How to Market Your Online Course with These 10 Extremely Actionable Tactics How to Market Your Online Course with These 10 Extremely Actionable Tactics
✏️ Article 💰 Sales & Marketing

How to Market Your Online Course with These 10 Extremely Actionable Tactics

This article covers 10 actionable tactics to market your course, including the steps to implement them. I have to admit, I don't love every tactic in there, but it offers some great ideas worth sharing!

Here are the high-level ideas:


This is about getting bigger players in your niche to put you in front of their audiences

  • 📸
    Poster Child: share a story of how they helped you, for them to use in their marketing
  • 🤝
    Guest Content: help potential partners fill in their content gaps—it's a real pain point
  • 👥
    Teaching Team-Ups: offer to teach a free, relevant lesson on your partner's platform
  • 🎁
    Offer Swaps: swap offers to each other's audience—lead magnets or entire modules


Attract and convert more subscribers through these tactics:

  • 👏🏻
    Viral Thank You: immediately after a signup, offer a bonus in exchange for social shares
  • 🏆
    Contests: ask your audience to promote you for a chance to win a juicy prize
  • 👋🏾
    Exit Intent Offer: a pop-up with an offer before a visitor leaves (I wouldn't do this)
  • 🤗
    Welcome Offer: make a small but compelling offer to new subscribers


"Avoid these tactics if you’ve just started selling your online course. Only tinker with price after you have some sales under your belt."

  • 😬
    Consequence Pricing: offer a free mini-course that'll cost money only if not completed
  • 📦
    Product Bundle: bundle multiple courses together—yourself, or pair up with a partner

The article goes much more in-depth, including steps to implement these tactics. So, if you're thinking about marketing, do check it out! 👇🏻

🔗 Drew Breaux via videofruit.com

P.S. I found this via IdeaEconomy.

🎰 Random Picks from past editions

Building Cohort-Based Courses Building Cohort-Based Courses
🎙 Podcast 🥗 Mixed Salad

Building Cohort-Based Courses

A super insightful conversation between three folks behind the flagship cohort-based courses Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage.

Here are some actionable tips, but as always, listen to the episode to learn more!

  • 🎓
    Let alumni students lead and mentor their own groups, in their own way
  • 👉
    Let students pick their own mentor groups—all about ownership + belonging
  • 👋
    Encourage live interactions—far more energising than async communication
  • 🥰
    Let students start their own interest groups—huge for them + stronger community
  • 🧮
    Understand how the size of your entire cohort affects individual group dynamics
  • 🚦
    Cap your cohort size and raise the bar to create stronger communities
  • 👀
    Help students find each other and make new connections, e.g. breakout rooms
  • 🕹
    Create engaging interactions—change things up frequently throughout sessions
  • 😰
    Help students feel at ease with vulnerability—alumni students can be role models
  • 👏
    Try making your course less about you, more about the students and the mentors
  • 📧
    Have an email list—don't create courses or products unless you have people waiting
  • 📚
    Build a repository of content you can draw from by summarising what you consume
  • 💡
    Look to other industries for lessons you can draw from and apply in your own niche
🔗 perell.com

You might also enjoy Ryan Gum's summary on Twitter.

How to stoke motivation in learning How to stoke motivation in learning
📹 Video 🎉 Student Success

How to stoke motivation in learning

"It's about creating an emotional connection for the learner to the content that they're learning. It's this emotional connection that sparks intrinsic motivation to keep going and keep learning."—Andrew Barry

  • 🧐
    Look for intrinsic learning motivations hidden behind people's extrinsic motivations
  • 🤔
    Probe learners to look inwards for their intrinsic motivations by asking 'why' questions
  • 🔥
    Ask your learners to share with you why they're doing the course, early, and often
  • 👾
    Don't rely on leaderboards or other gamification to encourage people
  • 💪🏾
    Strive to satisfy people's desire for Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (I'd call it AMP-lify)
  • 🥰
    Create an emotional connection for the learner to the content they're learning
🔗 Andrew Barry via youtube.com

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