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🧭 Course Creators Weekly #2 πŸ—“ July 6th, 2020 - The Trouble with Self-Paced Courses

Welcome to the second issue of Course Creators Weekly! πŸŽ‰

I understand that not everyone has the time to read, watch or listen to all of the content I share each week. I want to make Course Creators Weekly digestible in under a minute, and a valuable resource on its own. So, I've decided to complement each link with a few bullet points summarising the key ideas. πŸ’‘

Also, instead of sharing 5 pieces of content every week, I'll aim for 3 to 5. That way, it's easier for me to summarise and quicker for you to consume!

Let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

The Trouble with Self-Paced Courses The Trouble with Self-Paced Courses
✏️ Article πŸŽ‰ Student Success

The Trouble with Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses lack consequences, accountability, feedback, and impact. How can you increase the stakes & boost results for your students?

  • 🧭
    Onboard your students with a welcome and a follow-up sequence
  • 🀜
    Consider moving to a group program structure
πŸ”— janelleallen.com
What's the best way to market online courses? What's the best way to market online courses?
✏️ Article πŸ’° Marketing & Sales

What's the best way to market online courses?

How do you market your online course if you don't have an audience? Here are some ideas/tips:

  • πŸŽ™
    Pitch your content to podcasters and bloggers
  • ▢️
    Present your key course content on someone else's webinar
  • πŸ’―
    Don’t hold backβ€”put your best stuff out there
πŸ”— learningrevolution.net
Is Teaching & Selling on Udemy Worth It? Is Teaching & Selling on Udemy Worth It?
πŸ“Ή Video πŸ“¦ Hosting & Delivery

Is Teaching & Selling on Udemy Worth It?

A lot of new course instructors ask this question. Is Udemy worth it?

  • βœ…
    Have a high-demand, low-cost course + patience? Maybe!
  • 🚫
    Have a low-demand, high-cost course? Definitely not!
  • πŸ”‘
    Speak a foreign language? A golden opportunity, maybe!
  • πŸ“ˆ
    Worth it or not, Udemy can help you understand market trends!
πŸ”— instructorHQ via youtube.com

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