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📹 Course Creators Weekly #16 🗓 October 12th, 2020 - Filming an Online Course (Behind the Scenes)

This week, we have some behind-the-scenes content from Pat Flynn, and we also hear from Tyler McGinnis, creator of ui.dev, sharing his tips on how to help students succeed and market your course while building trust with your audience.

Enjoy! 🙂

Filming an Online Course (Behind the Scenes) Filming an Online Course (Behind the Scenes)
📹 Video 📹 Recording & Editing

Filming an Online Course (Behind the Scenes)

In this video, Pat Flynn takes us behind the scenes as he prepares the outline and gets ready to record his next online course.

  • ✍️
    Outline and organise your course content ahead of time
  • 🥗
    Dump, then clump (meaning: brain dump content ideas, then cluster into modules)
  • 🎫
    Use the welcome module to re-sell the promise of your course + address objections
  • ℹ️
    Set expectations and mention any extras (e.g. office hours) in the welcome module
  • 🧠
    Start with addressing people's mindset, using the same language they would
  • 🎯
    Have a purpose/outcome for each module—work towards that with each lesson
  • 👋
    Use a welcome video to start off each module, explaining what to expect
  • ✂️
    Split lessons whenever possible—flexibility for you, choice for your students
  • 🗒️
    Write your scripts ahead of time, even if you may sometimes wing it
  • 🗣️
    Keep your scripts conversational—talk them out loud so they sound like you
  • 0️⃣
    Don't mention lesson numbers in videos—lets you reorganise later
  • 🤏
    Keep your lessons as short as possible, while providing the intended value
  • 👀
    Pro tip: use a teleprompter, but practice + you might need help to control the pace
  • 🤳
    You may use your phone to record video, but invest in audio—affordable options exist
  • 🎬
    Try to record without cuts, editing mistakes out later, especially if hiring a video editor
🔗 Pay Flynn via youtube.com
The ULTIMATE Home Video Studio for Live Streaming The ULTIMATE Home Video Studio for Live Streaming
📹 Video 📹 Recording & Editing

The ULTIMATE Home Video Studio for Live Streaming

I've been sharing a lot of Pat Flynn's videos for the past few weeks because they simply are too awesome not to! In this video, Pat gives us a tour of his studio, and the equipment he uses to create engaging live streams.

I can't really summarise this one. You need to see for yourself (it's only about 21 minutes), but here's what he covers:

  • ▶️
    Ecamm Live for streaming
  • 🎦
    Multiple cameras, tripods, lighting, and a shotgun microphone
  • 🆒
    Equipment for creating interactions/effects: RODEcaster Pro and Stream Deck

Bonus videos:

Really cool stuff—worth checking out:

🔗 Pay Flynn via youtube.com
Mastering Javascript (Tyler McGinnis) Mastering Javascript (Tyler McGinnis)
🎙 Podcast 🥗 Mixed Salad

Mastering Javascript (Tyler McGinnis)

The title might sound technical, but what Tyler shares on this podcast is relevant to anyone teaching any topic:

  • ✍️
    Focus on your outline and prepare as much as possible before recording/writing
  • 🔼
    Think of your outline like a staircase—smooth, linear learning helps avoid overwhelm
  • 👀
    Offer both video and text, so students can choose, or consume both
  • ✔️
    Include quizzes and hands-on practice wherever possible
  • 🆓
    Share pieces of your course for free as part of your content marketing, and…
  • 😍
    "Make your free thing better than everybody else's paid thing"—build trust
  • 🙏
    Ask for reviews when students finish your course + ask if you can quote them
  • 💰
    A subscription model is recurring revenue + more affordable to some, but…
  • 🙌
    Subscriptions are unlikely to work without an existing audience
  • 🕔
    There are no fancy paths to making a successful course—just time and effort
  • 😳
    Your first course will be your worst, but you'll improve—just like those before you
🔗 Tyler McGinnis via Teachable

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